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Pythagoras of Samos

Not much is known about Pythagoras and nothing about his life and work can be proven. Probably, he lived around 500 BC. He may have studied Babylonian and Egyptian mathematics while traveling in those areas.

He was particularly interested in geometry and number theory on which he also did some important research. The Pythagorean theorem and the Pythagorean Number Triplets are named after him.

We know, however, quite a lot about the Pythagorean schools. Their students thought about philosophical questions like reincarnation and studied sciences, especially mathematics and astronomy. (Astronomy was part of mathematics back then). They made many new discoveries on these subjects. The Pythagoreans were also politically active. One of their most famous members was the philosopher Plato.

It is remarkable that women too were admitted. A couple of hundred years later, the wide spread attitude about women was that they are backwards in physical and mental strength and if you educate them, they only get chattery to top it off.

Also read about the Pythagoran theorem and more about its history.

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