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A Fuzzy Fairy-Tale

Once upon a time, a young woman was traveling around the world. She had no relatives and no belongings, so when she got to Kreyaland, a distressed country where a prince was held prisoner by a dragon, she decided to try her luck in saving him. The king, desperate as he was, promised the hand of the prince and half the country to whoever could save his only son.

Well, the woman went to the dragon and asked him to release the prince. The dragon looked at her pityingly and said: "First you have to solve a riddle. If you can solve it, the prince will be yours. Otherwise it is my duty to eat you. If I make the statement that every Kreyan dragon lies, am I lying or not?" "That's easy," was the woman's reply. "If you use Aristotle's logic, you'll be stuck forever, but fuzz it up a bit and you'll see that you're lying to some degree and telling the truth to another degree." The dragon and the prince both cheered and together they all walked to the castle where the woman married the prince.

Wait a sec. Is this whole thing turned around and was it a man and a princess? Oh, well, who cares. I do know however that they lived happily ever after.