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Well, I was begging my parents for a watch from that day on, but I always heard the same answer: "Maybe when you're older. You know..." Fortunately Smart Joe wasn't only smart, he was also very generous and promised to help me until I got a watch of my own.

Then, one day even Smart Joe got faced with a problem. We had to solve the problem 0 + 2. Since there isn't a zero on the face of a watch he couldn't solve the problem in his normal way, but being the brilliant boy he was, he quickly found a solution. He just glued a little piece of paper with a zero in it over the twelve. We were only adding small numbers anyway. Now the watch looked somewhat like this:

Isn't it amazing how simple the solution is?


Time went on and we came to a big step in math: we had to add numbers with results bigger than ten. For those of us who counted on our fingers, this was quite a problem. After all, we only had ten fingers. But Smart Joe didn't worry at all; using a watch these kinds of problems are easy to solve. If you have 9+4 you just go to the number nine, go four steps further and you have your 1. It's as simple as that.


Here are some more problems for you to solve. Use Smart Joe's watch to help you!

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