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So you want to know more about the authors of this amazing fairy book ? Why sure ! Even fairy math books have authors, although of course they're fairy authors. Anyway , I'm proud to say that they asked me to introduce them to you.

First of all there's fairy Christa. She wrote that great article about my dearest friend Dido. Like mine, Dido's story got rewritten dozens of times over the years. The writers were always trying to find a moral of how women should or shouldn't act. It's nice that finally the true story got printed too.

She also wrote the chapter on fuzzy logic. Now that's a real important subject. Not only does it come in useful when saving princes from dragons, but just think of how the world would look if nothing had to be only black or white.

Christa is the only female author of the book, but taking that into consideration it turned out really good , didn't it ? I really like the way it shows women's situations over the centuries and combines it with mathematics. Of course I helped a lot to get it that way, but it shows how open even the male authors were to suggestions.

Then there's fairy Mirco (yes, male fairies do exist!). Isn't Mirco absolutly adorable?

Christa and Mirco have already been working on Mathematica Ludibunda for a long time, when fairy Abhishek and fairy Dominik joined them. That's why they did most of the work.

Fairy Mirco used his magic to make some great moving mathematical pictures. I like the way he uses his magic pictures to show mathematical problems. Take trigonometry for example. People think it's a difficult subject to learn, but when they look at Mirco's explanation, all they can think is, "Hey! Why didn't I get this before?"

Only a few days ago I got a letter from a friend who said that after looking at Mirco's explanation of the Pythagorean theorem she finally got how it worked. That shows how important his work is. I mean it is about time to get the Pythagorean theorem when you're 40!

Now take a look at fairy Abhishek. He taught me all about cryptography and then published that touching correspondance between me and my two friends "Thinker" and "Skinny". He also helped me find the one-time-pad when my skills failed me.

Anyway, here's an encrypted message which he asked me to hand over to you.


He is cute, isn't he?

One more author joined our team for this newest edition: fairy Dominik. He wrote the pages about Mandelbrot and Sierpinski. Now he's what I call a real genius. With 13 years he can already do all this magic stuff and he didn't even have to be locked into a tower to learn it.

I'm really proud of this drawing. Look at those nice eyes!

Those were the authors, but there are two more fairies who made an important contribution to this book. Fairy Caspar and fairy Dan. Fairy Dan helped Christa, Abhishek and Mirco with any mathematical problems that arose during their work. Fairy Caspar read through their texts and caught their grammar mistakes. He said he preferred to stick to grammar instead of critisizing the math problems. Can you believe that? But they're both really nice fairies and they were a joy to work with.

For this new edition, another fairy helped: fairy Dana! Fairy Dana doesn't actually belong to the team. She just came flying through the window, read the book and left us ideas for corrections. We could use more of these fairies! No wonder that there were already discussions if we should pick her up for the next edition. And it sure would be great if we had another woman on the team, right?

Now, before I leave you to your further discoveries, there are a few words of thanks I was asked to say. First of all a big thanks from the authors to Dido, Smart Joe, the woman of the fuzzy-fairytale, her prince and the dragon, to our friends Skinny and Thinker and to me, Rapunzel. Thank you for letting your stories get published in this book.

Then, all the people listed above would like to express their thanks to the authors. Thank you for publishing our stories.

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