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The Mathematica Ludibunda authors did practically all of the work for the book themselves. All the texts (except the quotes, of course, and my page which of course I wrote myself) they wrote themselves. They also knew enough about magic to make all the magic pictures. And all the pictures, except the charcoal pictures which I drew, they made themselves too. So actually there isn't much to put into the References here.

The great music in the movie about my life was made by fairy Peter. It was a lucky coincidence that Peter flew by on his world tour and composed this wonderful music. Too bad that he left before I got a chance to draw him. Like all the other fairies I have met so far, he is very attractive too!

"nat.gif" on the page about Mandelbrot and Sierpinski is from a CD called "Internet CD" no. 1/98, ISSN 1234-9984, Index 333409.

Below is a list of books and links which were especially important to the fairies during their work.

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